Virtua Midwifery Birth & Wellness Center


K&A's Virtua Midwifery Birth & Wellness Center Opens

The much-anticipated Virtua Midwifery Birth & Wellness Center is now open in Voorhees, NJ, the first freestanding birth center of its kind in Burlington, Camden and Gloucester counties. The center offers comprehensive support for physiologic, or natural labor and birth, and every aspect of its design reflects the belief that pregnancy, labor and birth are normal life processes, rather than conditions to be managed.

K&A partnered with Virtua to provide architectural, engineering and interior design services for the Center, which is designed to look and feel like a residential home. It features 3 birthing suites, 4 exam rooms, 1 provider on-call room, a multifunctional room for classes and events, a kitchen, and a fireplace to add to the cozy feel. The family room setting features lounge furniture, and a sibling’s space so the entire family can await baby together. Each private birthing suite offers its own outdoor patio allowing the expectant mother the ability to move around free from invasive monitoring, get fresh air and view nature during the birth experience.

The interior of each birthing suite is designed with residential finishes, but also features high-tech birthing tubs for water births and a full complement of labor and birthing tools so the expectant mother can labor in the manner in which she chooses. The center is staffed with a team of certified doulas and midwives that not only assist with births, but also provide prenatal, postpartum and routine wellness care to women of all ages. 

K&A is excited to have contributed to the creation of this woman-centered, holistic alternative for expectant parents.

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