Virtua Midwifery

Birth & Wellness center
Virtua Midwifery

Birth & Wellness Center
Voorhees NJ Voorhees NJ
Photography courtesy of Don Pearse Photographers

Project Info

Project TypeNew Construction, Healthcare
ServicesArchitecture, Engineering, Interior Design
Square Footage7,700 GSF

Virtua Midwifery Birth & Wellness Center

Voorhees NJ

Midwifery Birth & Wellness Centers can be an integrated part of the health care system guided by principles of physical and emotional support, safety, and sensitivity to women’s personal needs. K&A provided comprehensive architectural, engineering and interior design services for Virtua’s Midwifery Birth & Wellness Center which is located at the Virtua-Voorhees, NJ campus. This 7,700 gsf free-standing, non-clinical structure is designed to look and feel like a residential home. The center includes 3 birthing suites, 4 exam rooms, 1 provider on-call room, a multi-functional room for classes and community events, and a gas fireplace to add to the cozy feel.

The entrances into both the birthing and exam suites are warm, inviting, and provide the soothing feeling of being in a home. The Family Room setting includes lounge furniture and children’s areas for added comfort and gathering. The building is fully equipped with a nurses’ station, medical lab, and ultrasound capabilities, amongst other supported health care services. Each private birthing suite offers its own outdoor patio allowing the expectant mother the ability to get fresh air and view nature during her birthing experience. The birthing center will provide a full spectrum of mother-baby services from a team of certified doulas and midwives such as woman’s wellness, prenatal, birthing, and postpartum care. Birthing rooms are designed with residential finishes creating a warm home-like atmosphere and will offer amenities such as high-tech birthing tubs for water births and access to labor and birthing tools aiding in bringing new life into the world. The acoustical design of the birthing rooms will ensure each mother’s privacy throughout the delivery process.  Combined, the architectural, engineering and interior design services provided by K&A help create a supportive alternative to the clinical hospital experience with all the benefits of a home setting for expecting mothers, their family and friends.

Virtua Midwifery Birth & Wellness Center

Project TypeArchitecture, Engineering, Interior Design
LocationVoorhees NJ
Square Footage7,700gsf


Photography courtesy of Don Pearse Photographers