Senior CommUnity Care of North Carolina Durham, North Carolina

Striving to bring affordable wellness programs and healthcare to frail seniors in the Raleigh-Durham region of North Carolina, Volunteers of America is the sponsor of this PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) program. The heart of this program is in the PACE Center, located on a tree-lined street in a quiet office park. This 24,500 square foot office space was completely renovated, transforming it into an attractive, and inviting PACE Center, where seniors engage in a wide variety of wellness, social, recreational, nutritional and spiritual activities and receive comprehensive therapy and healthcare. The program is structured to support an enrollment of 250 frail seniors who receive services within their homes and approximately 125 of these seniors will attend the PACE Center two or three times a week.

Tall windows stream sunlight into the lobby and open-concept dayrooms, offering views of mature trees and the colorful landscape beyond. In the dayrooms, seniors partake in various activities throughout the day including arts and crafts, music, dining and Wii. Physical and occupational therapies are carefully planned for each senior, and put into action in the well-appointed gym. Primary and specialty healthcare service are delivered in the health center that is centrally located and easily accessible within the PACE Center. In keeping with Volunteers of America’s mission, the chapel provides a quiet space that is open daily for individual reflection and prayer, and for scheduled services each week. A specially designed memory care space for seniors with dementia, personal care suites and staff workspaces complete the PACE Center.