RWJUH Chapel & Gift Shop Hamilton Township, New Jersey

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in Hamilton Township, NJ is an acute care medical center that provides comprehensive health care to the surrounding community. With the construction of multiple additions in recent years, the majority of active, public spaces has shifted toward the central and eastern section of the facility. The Gift Shop, also designed by K&A, and the Pharmacy were relocated to take full advantage of these high-traffic areas. Their vacated space, adjacent to the western lobby, is in a quite, low-traffic area and was ideal for the Hospital’s new Chapel.

K&A designed the 850 square foot chapel and adjacent offices to be a quiet, contemplative, non-denominational space. It seats up to eighteen people and includes a small lectern and dimmable lighting features for flexible lighting levels. An ante-room will create a buffer between the Chapel and the more public lobby space beyond to impede any distracting noise. The interior decor is a classical motif that includes extensive wood pilasters, crown-moulding and wainscot trim as well as a niche for flower arrangements at the head of the space. Ample room is provided for storage of chairs that allow greater flexibility of use within the space.