Ridgewood Avenue Supportive Housing Newark, New Jersey

Ridgewood Avenue Supportive Housing consisted of the development and construction of a three-story supportive housing facility in Newark, New Jersey. The development provides a dignified independent living environment for twenty-one low-income individuals with histories of both mental illness and homelessness, while utilizing the supportive resources of Project Live. Each resident has his or her own one-bedroom apartment. The Building also includes common areas to encourage social interaction and a sense of family.

The building was designed to integrate the residents into the existing, adjacent residential community, and assist with removing the stigmas typically associated with supportive housing. Through implementation of detailing and building materials typically found on quality single family homes and stepping of the building façade, the building alludes to being composed of several townhouses, enabling it to blend with the neighborhood vernacular.

Ridgewood Avenue is a certified New Jersey Energy Star Home and includes such sustainable features as recycled content products, water efficient fixtures, and all durable and renewable interior finishes.

Honors & Awards
SHA-NJ Supportive Housing Project of the Year Award

NJ Energy Star Homes