LSM Camden RehabilitationCamden, New Jersey

Managed by Lutheran Social Ministries, this property consists of 64, 2- and 3-story townhomes comprising 95 apartments and one 3-story office / community building. These family apartments range in size from one to five-bedroom units. K&A facilitated a comprehensive rehabilitation project focusing on improving energy efficiency, replacing mechanical systems, roof replacement, upgrading dated and worn kitchen and bathrooms, and providing barrier-free apartments.

The extent of the rehabilitation varied for different buildings, however every structure received new windows and doors, new roof, water efficient and electrically efficient appliances, kitchens and bathrooms, forced air, water heaters, washer/dryer hook-ups, new paint and floor finishes. Residences within the State Street Historic District received exterior renovations consistent with their historic character. One structure was torn down to it’s foundation and reconstructed and the Leasing Office was renovated to provide a series of community meeting spaces and rest rooms and barrier-free accessibility to the second floor.

Several energy efficiency strategies were employed in compliance with the NJ Green Homes Office. Energy Star rated elements included widows, exterior doors, lighting, appliances and air conditioning units. Water-saving feature included low-flow toilets, showers heads, and faucets. Sustainable materials include re-use of existing structures and partitions, a white granular coated roof, low-VOC coatings and adhesives, basement insulation, and sustainable flooring.