Dr. Walter G. Alexander Village Master Plan Orange, New Jersey

A Multi-Phase Master Plan for a Neighborhood in Need
The Alexander Public Housing Towers was an obsolete high-rise Public Housing Authority community located in the northern New Jersey City of Orange Township. Built in the early 1950s, the site consisted of two seven-story apartment buildings, containing a total of 140 units of low-income, affordable housing. Throughout the resident population, the buildings were notorious for rampant crime, violence and drugs, and were considered one of the most dangerous areas within the local community. Fed up with the unrelenting crime and associated vandalism, the Orange Housing Authority, along with a number of motivated public stakeholders and private development partners, with Kitchen & Associates’ help, formulated a long-term, multi-phased revitalization plan aimed at replacing the two aging buildings with a new, lower density, mixed-use/mixed-income housing community, offering affordable rental opportunities to families, workforce and senior populations.

Building upon the strategies developed in the revitalization plan for the neighborhood, the new Dr. Walter G. Alexander Village replaces the two towering apartment complexes with a lower density community, designed in three-story townhome configurations, and in an architectural style in keeping with the surrounding neighborhoods. Phase one of the project focused on the creation of sixty-six new affordable family rental units in both one- and two-bedroom configurations, while second phase provides 48 new affordable housing units devoted to seniors. A third phase of the project, expected to offer an additional 42 units of family and workforce housing, recently received Planning Board approval, and is anticipated to be completed within the next 18-20 months.

The newly redeveloped site, now known as Dr. Walter G. Alexander Village, was made possible through an initial award of $23.3 million in financing and tax credits from NJHMFA, and represents the first affordable housing complex to be built by the City of Orange since the 1950s. The new community is located in what is known as the Transit Village District East district of the City of Orange Township, as established in the city’s recently adopted Central Orange Redevelopment Plan, with adjacent neighborhoods consisting predominantly of single-family homes with a variety of small-scale commercial properties sprinkled throughout. Due to the site’s proximity to the Central Avenue Commercial Corridor district, as well as a variety of transit options, including the Orange Transit Station and Brick Church Station in neighboring East Orange, it is anticipated that the Dr. Walter G. Alexander neighborhood and surrounding area will serve as a cornerstone to the long-term, multi-phased revitalization efforts of the Orange community.

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Honors & Awards
Governor’s Excellence in Housing & Economic Development Award,
Leading Housing Revitalization (Rental)